Launch of Doctoral Program in Agricultural Sciences, University of Medan Area

The Doctoral Program (S3) in Agricultural Science, Medan University Area (UMA) was officially launched at JW Marriot Hotel Medan, Thursday (03/12/2020). The Doctoral Program at UMA which is managed by Agus Salim Hajj Education Foundation is expected to increase agricultural human resources (HR) in North Sumatra (North Sumatra). This is one of the hopes of Deputy Governor of North Sumatra (Wagubsu), Musa Rajekshah, after the launch of the UMA Agricultural Science Doctoral Program. “In addition to the superior future of human resources, because North Sumatra is indeed the largest agricultural region, it is expected to train farmers in our area about new things to increase agricultural production,” said the man is known as Ijeck.

Ijeck also hopes that the UMA Agricultural Science Doctoral Program will also be useful in the future to be able to provide knowledge on how to market agriculture to farmers in North Sumatra. “In order for good products, superior products can be accompanied by stable and acceptable market prices and hopefully North Sumatra can export agricultural products going forward,” he said. Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Hajj Education Foundation Agus Salim UMA, Drs. MBA Erwin Siregar said, the Agricultural Science Doctoral Program was opened at the request of the community, mainly providing competent experts, especially in the agricultural sector doctoral program, all of which have been fulfilled.

“The government sees that UMA has a very good achievement, especially accreditation, on average, gets an A from the accreditation body. In addition, the library that receives an assessment and finally UMA receives the greend metrix award at the end of 2019 for the national level and number 2 for the level North Sumatra, “he said.

It is said, UMA is currently preparing teaching staff who are currently carrying out further education. “There are around 46 lecturers that we send to schools both at home and abroad. UMA has implemented a digitalization learning system (paperless). UMA has also established cooperation with universities both at home and abroad,” he explained.

While the UMA Rector Prof. Dr. Dadan Ramdan MEng MSc added, the UMA Agricultural Science Doctoral Program was ready to carry out the doctoral program and complete in accordance with the rules, standards, lecture rooms, laboratories, and six permanent lecturers and two additional lecturers. “The teaching staff consists of 8 professors and 18 doctors who are in accordance with the rules and standards specified,” he said. Cooperation with the North Sumatra Provincial Government, said the Chancellor, can answer questions that can be patented. “In addition, there are also new innovations or findings that can be used within the government environment,” he explained.


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